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She believed she could, so she did.

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Black Panther / Stunt Performer: Dora Milaje / Brycen Counts


Black Panther / Dora Milaje Motion Capture / Jon Valera

The Harder They Fall / Stunt Double: Regina King / Keith Woulard

Underground / Stunt Performer / Keith Woulard

Rampage / Stunt Performer / Daniel Stevens

Suicide Squad / Stunt Performer / Tim Wong


Courage to Soar: The Simone Biles Story / Stunt Double: Simone Biles / Brett Armstrong

Against All Enemies / Stunt Performer / Rob Alonzo

Dolemite Is My Name / Stunt Performer / Billy Washington

Bad Hair / Stunt Double: Judith Scott / Tracy Dashnaw

Bad Hair / Stunt Double: Yaani King Mondschein / Tracy Dashnaw


Watchmen / Stunt Double: Regina King / Justin Riemer, Dave McCoumber

Watchmen (Pilot) / Stunt Double: Regina King / Thom Williams, Doug Coleman


American Horror Story / Stunt Double: Angela Bassett / Jimmy Sharp 

Falcon vs. Winter Soldier / Stunt Performer / H. Amos, B. Martin, D. Macomber

NCIS: Los Angeles / Stunt Performer / Troy Brown

9-1-1 / Stunt Double: Angela Bassett / Mark Vanselow

The Rookie / Stunt Double: Afton Williamson / Charlie Croughwell and Dave Rowden

LA's Finest / Stunt Double: Gabrielle Union / Jim Vickers 


Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn / Stunt Double: Tia Mowry / Karil Silverstri

NCIS / Stunt Double: Skye P. Marshall / Diamond Farnsworth

American Horror Story / Stunt Double: Adina Porter / Jimmy Sharp

The Thundermans / Stunt Double: Marla Gibbs / Josh Tessier

American Horror Story / Stunt Performer / Jimmy Sharp

SMILF / Stunt Performer: Raven Goodwin / Mary Albee

Black Jesus / Stunt Performer / Julius LeFlore

The Voice Promo / Stunt Double: Jennifer Hudson / Pat Romano

Angie Tribeca / Stunt Double: Angel Laketa Moore / Erik Solky

Knight Squad / Stunt Performer / Josh Tessier

Conan / Stunt Performer / Tony Angelotti

Raven's Home / Stunt Double: Isaac Ryan Brown / Buddy Sosthand

Ellen's Game of Games / Stunt Performer / Pat Romano

NCIS: Los Angeles / Stunt Double: Nia Long / Troy Brown

Chambers / Stunt Double: Kyanna Simone Simpson / Derik Pritchard

Daybreak / Stunt Double: Jade Payton / Chad Dashnaw

Power / Stunt Double: Kyanna Simone Simpson / Kevin Scott


Watchmen / Stunt Performer / Justin Riemer, Dave Macomber


Cadillac / Stunt Performer / David Leitch and Greg Rementer


Nike / Gymnast, Dancer / Alejandro Iñárritu

Audi / Stunt Performer / Mikal Kartvedt

Nike Stunt Performer / Paul Darnell


Macy's / Gymnast 

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